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Tel: 207-317-7396

All About Me

Nori Jo is a queer, Jewish artist from Portland, Maine. She is a recent graduate of Bennington College with a BA in Restorative Justice and Visual Art . She is trained in relief, intaglio, monotype, stone and plate lithography, silkscreen, and letterpress printmaking. She quilts, collages, takes pictures, designs, collects garbage, writes, cooks, paints and lots more. She loves to make things you can touch, hold, eat, wear, etc. She makes work about fatness, food, family, collectivism, abolition, comfort- to name a few. Though much of her creative practice is materials and process oriented, finding inspiration through the exploration of techniques and mediums, she is also motivated to make things that are visually delicious and physically dynamic.


Right now she's super into: 

  • Golden Girls 

  • the Maintenance Phase podcast

  • trash

  • wrapping

  • overlapping/intersections/layering 


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